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The infoMirror brings the future to your home. The intelligent mirror by visiomatic International deeply impresses with advanced technology, convenient handling and several kinds of apps. From daily news to multimedia to smart home accessibility – this mirror is your perfect companion in everyday life and exactly what it claims itself to be – a smart mirror.

Measurements 60 x 40 cm (23,6" x 15,7") | 80 x 60 cm (31,5" x 32,6")
Material Specially developed, semi-permeable one-way glass with a high reflection of light and a natural color rendering
Glass thickness 6 mm
Camera Integrated high-definition Camera (*optional choosable)
Microphone Compact HD microphone
Speaker Powerful high-quality exciter speakers
On-off switch Top-quality on-off switch with a great haptic and stylish design in high-grade steel
Size 17,3" (44 cm)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD
Luminosity 300 lumen
Operating temperature 0 - 50 °C
Operating humidity 10 - 90 % (at 25 °C ± 2 °C)
Operating voltage 230 VAC
Power 16 watts
Processor Intel Quad Core 2.0 GHz
Main memory 8 GB DDRIII
Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Audio Realtek HD Audio
Biodynamic Light
Measurements 50 cm (length) x 12 mm (width)
Power 7,2 watts
Color temperature Adjustable color temperature from 2.700 to 6.500 kelvin (warm white to cold white)
Beam angle 120°
LED 30 x LED SMD 5050
Power factor > 0,9
Dimmable Yes (infinitely variable)
CRI Ra > 90
RGBW Frame
Measurements 160 cm (length) x 12 mm (width)
Power 23 watts
Color temperature RGB colors with additional warm white (2.700 - 3.500 kelvin)
Beam angle 120°
LED 96 x LED SMD 5050 (4 in 1)
Power factor > 0,9
Dimmable Yes (infinitely variable)
CRI Ra > 90
Smart Home
Interfaces KNX, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Philips HUE, BACNET, LON, Lutron, Powernet, OPC and more on demand *(optional extendable)

The infoMirror presents itself as a stylish mirror without revealing its technical functions at first glance. Due to the integrated motion detection the smart mirror switches on and off automatically so that it's running only if used. Once turned on, the picture elements seem to be projected on the display as if by magic and all of that without even moving a finger. Further the open voice command allows everybody to communicate with the infoMirror without technical configuration. So you avoid endlessly long user manuals and besides your infoMirror stays clean – because you never need your hands.

The infoMirror displays daily information according to your personal interests, provides you with latest news from various categories and organizes your everyday life at one view. So you can keep your focus on important business appointments, check out the actual traffic situations and still get ready calmly. Due to the WLAN connection you're always up to date so that you can choose the content you prefer. Whether you want to display daily news, sports, weather, the stock market or the lowest gas prices for your car - you're already informed.

More about the functions

The infoMirror was especially adapted to today's needs and comes with several lifestyle modules. So it shows you the actual film guide as well as events so that you can give more variety to your life. You can even send the suggestions to friends or yourself via email. Further you get the whole entertainment with own playlists, internet radio or even YouTube videos. Besides you can keep an eye on your fitness and health with the Fitbit and Withings app – or you can even practice yoga exercises shown in a tutorial.

The infoMirror combines innovative technique with modern lifestyle. Therefore a biodynamical lighting is integrated in front of the display which allows you to adjust the color temperature individually from warm to cold white and even to dim the brightness. In this way you ensure the ideal lighting conditions with a natural color rendering. In addition the RGBW frame is a handsome eyecatcher which creates a breathtaking background illumination. Thereby you can choose between various multifaceted colors for giving your home the ambiance you desire. Further you can adjust the brightness manually for your individual atmosphere.

The infoMirror is also available with an integrated HD camera so you can capture your moments. The snapshot function allows you to take pictures in front of the mirror, to save them locally or even to send them via email. Additionally the camera can be used for video telephony with an SIP interface. The infoMirror can also be purchased without integrated camera by request, by which the motion detection is also not available.

Due to the integrated WLAN connectivity you not only get the latest information, you can also use phone calls and emails. With the service interface point (SIP) you can use internet telephony or even skype video calls. Further you can easily install smart home accessibility for your home automation. So you can switch your electronic devices on and off, communicate with visitors at your door and even monitor your security camera. For integrating different devices from various manufacturers the infoMirror ensures compatibility to the most common bus interfaces (KNX, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Philips HUE and many more). No matter if lightings, video intercoms, shutters or cameras – make your home smart.

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