Take a look into the mirror and keep up with the news. The information module allows you to determine which categories are shown on the display. Whether economics, politics, sports, football or lifestyle – you choose what you´re interested in.




Never miss any game with the infoMirror's sports module. No matter if shown as news, videos or live ticker – you don't only decide what's displayed but also how it appears. So you are always up to date with the sports you prefer.




Make notes of important events in your calender and let them show on the infoMirror's surface. Thereby the entries of your mobile device are steadily synchronized and displayed on the interface. With this function you'll never miss any birthday or doctor's appointment.




At one glance better overviews. Organize your day with the infoMirror in a childishly easy way and keep an eye on what's really important. So you can get ready for the day as if you had all the time in the world – and you don't miss your next appointment.



Traffic Situation

Save time by knowing the fastest route even before entering your car. The infoMirror shows you the actual best traffic situation in real-time so that you always arrive at your destination punctually – and you can even keep your head clear for more important things as well.



Gas prices

You have to refuel your car? The infoMirror shows you the best gas prices for your car in your surroundings even before you have to search for a gas station. This not only saves time for you but also a lot of money of course.



Weather Forecast

Be always prepared for wind and weather. The infoMirror displays the actual weather as well as prospective forecasts. In this way you already know how to dress before leaving the house – and if necessary you can take an umbrella right away.




You want to go out for a change but you have no idea where to go? The infoMirror shows you upcoming events for your requested location while you can get prepared for the night. So you can save time and enjoy unforgettable moments afterwards.



Media Player

Experience the new world of entertainment through your mirror. The infoMirror plays your favorite music randomly or as playlist and also offers several Internet radio stations. So the multimedia functions turn the usage of the infoMirror  into a special consumer experience.



Fitness and Health

Improve your fitness and keep an eye on your health. The infoMirror connects your Fitbit and Withings products and shows your results graphically on the display. No matter if pedometer, energy consumption or body mass index – the infoMirror visualizes your body and fitness for a better health.




Use your time with the mirror otherwise – by displaying delicious recipes for your next dinner. The infoMirror shows your favorite meals from a wide variety of cooking ideas and even sends the recipe via email. In this way you can already think about what you are going to cook – and if some last ingredients are yet necessary.



Stylish Clock Design

Keep an eye on your time with infoMirror's handsome clock display which appearance integrates itself gently in the overall design. Choose your preferred style, size and layout with regards to your personal desires for a timeless look.



Daily Quotes

Start your day with the right quote and you'll always have a good line in store. The infoMirror shows you random citations from an immense collection every day so that you can inspire yourself or impress others. With this application your morning routine turns into fun – and you always have the right quote for the right occasion on mind.



Biodynamic Light

The infoMirror integrates biodynamic light so you can adjust the color temperature manually from warm to cold white as well as dimming the brightness. In this way you ensure the ideal lighting conditions with a natural color rendering – no matter if for cosmetics or for going out.



RGBW Backlight

The RGBW frame is a handsome eyecatcher which creates a breathtaking background illumination. Thereby you can choose between various multifaceted colors for giving your home the ambiance you desire. Further you can adjust the brightness manually for your individual atmosphere.



Smart Home*

The infoMirror is exactly what it claims itself to be – namely / videlicet smart. Hence you can easily install smart home accessibility for your home automation. No matter if lightings, video intercoms, shutters or cameras – connect your home intelligently according to your desires.

*Optional extendable


HD Camera*

Capture the moment with infoMirror's integrated HD camera. The snapshot function allows you to take pictures in front of the mirror, to save them locally or even to send them via email. Additionally the camera can be used for video telephony with an SIP interface. The infoMirror can also be purchased without integrated camera by request.

*Optional choosable


Automatic Motion Detection*

The infoMirror switches on and off automatically by an integrated motion detection so that it's running only if used. Therefore this intelligent mirror primarily officiates as impressive design element not until your interaction shows what´s really inside.

*Optional with HD Camera


Open Voic Command

The infoMirror brings the future to your home. When switched on, the picture elements seem to be magically projected on the display – and all of that without even moving a finger. Due to the open voice command it doesn't matter who speaks to the infoMirror.



Fashionable Design

The infoMirror is characterized by accurate outlines and presents itself as a stylish mirror without revealing its technical functions at first glance. So the disabled mirror serves as an elegant furnishing which enhances your interieur decoration in a classy way.